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DockuChek® search, a new product development of Investigative Consultants, Inc., the world's leading authority on creation of algorithms for aggregation of information and intelligence, from disparate database centers around the world, is your answer to complete individual and business searches.

DockuChek® service allows the intelligence professional to conduct searches at the "Virgin Database Source", VDS (What is VDS?) thus, bypassing national aggregators such as ChoicePoint, Lexis, Accurint, WestLaw, and others. To better understand how a VDS works and a demonstration of the available service from the host of the data, please click here

You, as a "DockuChek® researcher" will have a Zip Code centric resource that gathers all available VDS URLs that can be searched. Eliminate the time needed to hunt down the appropriate link to conduct searches at the local level – all of it comes to you via our DockuChek® service. To date, we have over 3700 counties with available data and URL links to conduct searches. Here are some additional advantages using our DockuChek® service:

The DockuChek® Service versus National Aggregators

The DockuChek® Service

National Aggregators

Direct VDS sources are cost effective and cheaper. Sometimes site access is free! Incur an expense for each transaction
Data is not abstracted. You get everything that is available just as the host would sell it to a national aggregator Data is abstracted for marketing reasons. Due to storage capacity and customer interest, some information may be completely deleted as being irrelevant. And information may be distilled in a number of different ways without your knowledge or understanding.
Data is not truncated Data is often truncated for privacy reasons by the aggregator
Conduct searches in a number of ways, based upon whatever is offered by the VDS Search queries offered may differ substantially from what is offered by the VDS
If you get a positive hit, order up a copy of the file instantly, using a Public Records Retriever, the names of which are provided to you at no extra charge. Each Public Record Retriever listed is selected based upon the zip codes that they service. They are best available or "Clerk's On The Run"! May receive false positives and false negatives
Some original records are available online and can be obtained instantly from the VDS. National Aggregators "buy" access to the data being hosted by a VDS, apply their own unique algorithm, and then re-sell the data in whole or in part.
Conducts all available searches on a person based upon their past residence, and does so using FCRA, GLB, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant tools Data is sometimes stale, depending on how often it is purchased by the aggregator. If an aggregator pipes out to the VDS, and the connection is down for whatever reason, no search results are returned and the consumer would never know it.

To learn more about our DockuChek® service, please see How It Works. To sign up for our DockuChek® service, please Subscribe Here. We require that you have a Master Card or VISA on file for access. We verify the identity of all users to ensure a permissible purpose for access of data.