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 2020 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
  Suite 813,
  Washington DC 20006

  Phone: (202) 237-1500
  Fax: (202) 237-8642

How It Works

The DockuChek® service is the only product available that allows intelligence professional to obtain all available URLs for conducting VDS searches on a person or business for the past ten years of their life. Here is how it works:

  1. Enter the Name and SSN for the suspect; or enter a ZIP code only for a person's residence
  2. For Name and SSN searches, DockuChek® service will search at least 10 years of addresses that the person has once resided or has a connection to. Included, will be the zip code for each address.
  3. DockuChek® service will display a "Basic Report", detailing the name of the suspect, all available addresses, phone numbers and other identifying data; as well as a Data Mapping Matrix that shows all of the zip codes where searches can be done at the Virgin Database Source level. Click here to see a sample of the DockuChek® Report and the DockuChek® SSN Report
  4. DockuChek® service will display a report for each Zip Code that contains all available URLs for the following repositories of data:

    • All County Courts
    • All County Recorders
    • County Level Record Retrievers
    • All State Agencies
    • All State Occupational Licensing Agencies
    • US District Court
    • Bankruptcy Court
    • Federal Record Center

The net effect of having available to the researcher a Zip Code centric resource that gathers all available VDS URLs that can be searched, is that one no longer has to hunt down the appropriate link to conduct searches at the local level – all of it comes to you via our DockuChek® service.

To sign up for our DockuChek® service, please Subscribe Here. We require that you have a Master Card or VISA on file for access. We verify the identity of all users to ensure a permissible purpose for access of data.